Anonymous asked:

Top 20 ways to be humiliated and why?

pigletpuffin answered:

Ohhhhhhhh, gosh. I don’t even know if I’e been humiliated in that many ways. Okay, here it goes.

  1. groping in public
  2. making me feel intellectually inferior
  3. Slapping
  4. Spitting in my face/mouth 
  5. Spitting on my pussy and ass
  6. Being made to lick cum off the floor
  7. Rimming
  8. Name calling
  9. Dirty talk in general
  10. Spanking

Shit, man, I’m stalling out. I can’t think of anymore. :( Fuck, I forgot you wanted to know why too. Ugggggh. I’m sorry, guys, my brain hurts like super bad, I have a killer headache and I can’t think. Maybe if you helped me along, gave me more examples of humiliation. Because, to me, it all bleeds into humiliation, everything I do has aspects of it, throat fucking and anal sex and being manhandled. It’s all humiliating because I’m being treated like my body isn’t mine, like I’m whore, like I’m a little girl. It all just turns me on.